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frodude / Aug 14, 2017
Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since we've used the website and I feel like we will benefit a lot from it once more. I'll be trying to get this site functioning to its fullest potential when I have a chance. In the meantime, I'm looking for a couple of strong Officers once again. If you feel that you are Officer material and would like to take on the challenge, please feel free to reach out to me in-game @mythosyggdrasil.

On a side note, I'm wanting to get more activity on the Alliance Teamspeak. The more presence we have as a Guild in the Alliance, the better off we'll be!

I'll be adding the Server info shortly.
frodude / Sep 19, 2016
So here's the scoop guys, I was recently DDOS last night and had to get a brand new router. I'm currently in the process of setting up a dynamic IP address and a hostname for you guys to use to connect to. I'll be spending most of the time tonight trying to get it to work. If you have any questions, feel free to call, text, or whatsApp me at +12243055619.

The current hostname is:

You would use that as the Server Address.

If the hostname is not working for you, use the following:

frodude / Mar 24, 2016
Hey everyone!! I wanted to say that we'll be bringing back the Guild Lotto!!

The rules are quite simple really:

Guild Lotto
  • Entry fee of 1 Greater Mark of Potency
  • Winner will receive all Greater Marks of Potency
  • There will be a limit of 1 entry per @handle
  • Winner will be announced every Wednesday on the guild website

High Roller Guild Lotto
  • Entry fee of 1 Superior Mark of Potency
  • Winner will receive all Superior Marks of Potency
  • There will be a limit of up to 3 entries per @handle
  • Winner will be announced every Wednesday on the guild website

In order to submit your entries, send a mail to @mythosyggdrasil in the following format:

Subject: Name of Lotto you are participating in. "Guild Lotto" for regular lotto and "High Roller Guild Lotto" for the High roller lotto.

Body: I am entering for the "Guild Lotto"

Attachment: ONE Greater Mark of Potency -OR- ONE Superior Mark of Potency

Good Luck and may Tymora's blessing be on your side!! Entries will be accepted as soon as the game launches. For any questions, please feel free to comment this news article.
frodude / Nov 17, 2015
Hey guys! We'll be bringing down the Mumble server temporarily to fix some stability issues. Please stay tuned as updates will be posted on here. As a forewarning, a new IP Address MAY be generated during this process and we'll need to distribute that information once it arrives.

Thank you for your patience,



DragonBane / Sep 09, 2015
The new change to Astral Diamonds, is this a good change or a bad change? Below is a snipit of the article. If you want to read the full entire article and find out more information here is the link:

Daily Quests & Hourly Events
Previously, there were separate daily quests that, if you remembered to take them, would reward bonus AD for completing Dungeons, Skirmishes, PvP, and Foundry. Unfortunately, based on our data, far too many people either didn’t know they needed to take these quests, didn't want to go through the effort, or they simply forgot. This lead to Dungeons, Skirmishes, and PvP not rewarding as much AD as was expected in our model. On top of that, though we were expecting players to use the Foundry daily to get AD, we found the vast majority weren't doing so at all.

We believe that simply playing content should get you your time currency, so we removed the daily quests and made things automatic. Now, simply play Dungeons, Skirmishes, and PvP, and you’ll receive significant bonus AD for completing the first 2 runs of each.

Along with the inconvenience of daily quests, we also previously scheduled events to run during fixed periods each day. So if you happened to be able to log in during very specific times, you would get bonus AD from the same sources as listed above. Only able to log in at hour X? Well, hope you wanted to play dungeons for your bonus AD. This meant only a few lucky people were able to bring in the quantity we want everyone to have from the content they wanted to play. To correct this, we are removing the hourly bonus AD events. And, like the adjustment to daily quests, we've put in tech that will automatically reward bonus AD for Dungeons, Skirmishes, and PvP at any time of the day. There are earn rate maximums per day (to make sure things stay balanced), but because you can now get bonus AD regardless of what time of day you're able to log in, we expect most players will significantly increase their earn rate.

Let’s look at some actual numbers:

Playing Dungeons
Old: If you picked up the daily quest, you got 3,000 AD for one dungeon. If you had your chest key, you got an additional 3,000 AD.
New: 1. Automatically get 3,000 AD for each of the first two dungeons. 2. In addition, get 150 to 750 AD for each dungeon played (up to a maximum 7,200 AD per day from dungeons). Amount varies by time.

Playing Skirmishes
Old: If you picked up the daily quest, you got 3,000 AD for three skirmishes.
New: 1. Automatically get 1,500 AD for each of the first two skirmishes. 2. In addition, get 50 to 500 AD for each skirmish played (up to a maximum 7,200 AD per day from skirmishes). Amount varies by time.

Playing PvP
Old: If you picked up the daily quest, you got 4,000 AD for two matches.
New: 1. Automatically get 2,000 AD for each of the first two matches. 2. In addition, get 200 to 300 AD per match played (up to a maximum 4,800 AD per day from PvP). Amount varies by time.

Across the board, these two changes are expected to put significantly more AD into the hands of anyone playing this queued content.