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This document should be read and understood by all guildies. Any and all questions should be directed to a God or Pope of LostWrath.

The Gods reserve the right to make changes or exceptions to these rules at any time and may apply them retroactively if needed.


LostWrath is an English-Speaking Only Guild that was established and founded in July of 2014. We have a wide variety of guildies from different backgrounds such as your Casual MMO player to your most Hardcore MMO/RPG player. We hope to further expand into different Realms ranging from Neverwinter Online, Dota2, League of Legends, WoW, Starcraft Online to many more MMOs out there.

Mission Statement

Our main focus is to promote friendship, loyalty and synergy between guildies and the guild, with a decent focus on the pursuit of progression and loot.

Code of Conduct

Although LostWrath is a laid-back guild, we have some expectations for our guildies’ behaviour. These rules are important in maintaining order and goodwill amongst our guildies through all ranks, as well as our external guild image.

If you do witness another member of LostWrath breaking a rule, please bring it to the attention of a Pope or God.

  • It is expected that all guildies of LostWrath treat their fellow guildies of all ranks with equal respect. Respect – Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability: “I have great respect for LostWrath’s Gods and Popes.
  • Do not beg or ask for Astral Diamonds and items from anyone or the Guild Store (Unless you are willing to pay and have sufficient DKP to purchase said item).
  • Do not repeatedly spam any public channel, whether in game or on Mumble.
  • Do not create or contribute to a dispute in guild, or public chats. Disputes and arguments should be handled privately and in a civilized manner. If a conflict cannot be handled in this manner, a Pope or God should be sought out to mediate the dispute.
  • No cheating of any kind will be tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to) exploiting and scamming. If you are unsure if an action may be considered as such, find a Pope or God and ask.
  • Profanity and adult-oriented topics are tolerated. However, this does not mean that guild channels should become saturated with either.
  • If someone finds a topic in a public channel to be offensive, respect your fellow guildie and move the conversation to a private channel.
  • Do not use the following words or discuss matters relating to: Autism, Rape, Faggot, Nigger, Politics, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Money!!!
  • Keep in mind that these and any other unmentioned common sense behavioural guidelines must be followed and held.
  • All new Serfs will be under a trial period of 7 days to assess the compatibility between the new Serf and the Guild.

  • Depending on the severity of the offense, guildies that Violate one of the guild rules may be given a warning. If a repeat offense occurs, the guildie will be removed from the guild. Serfs will not be given a warning.
  • Following dismissal, an E-mail will be sent to the @handle registered on our Guild Website.
Presence and Inactivity
  • Squires and higher Ranks will be Required to be present at least once a day. If this is not observed, the guildie will be spoken to and requested to be more present or leave the guild.
  • Serfs will be required to be present at least 2-4 hours each day as both the guild and the Serf are on trial and should get to know Each other during this time. If this is not observed, the Serf will be spoken to and requested to be more present or leave the guild
  • Guildies will be removed from LostWrath after 2 weeks of inactivity if no notice is given, 30 days if notice is given.
  • Serfs will be removed from LostWrath after 1 week of inactivity if no notice is given, 14 days if notice is given.

Guildship Requirements

Please note, LostWrath is an adult guild in which adult conversation take place; therefore we do prefer guildies to be over the age of 18. Guildies under this limit are expected to act accordingly and to be respectful of other members of the guild.

While an extensive knowledge of the Neverwinter Online is not required, LostWrath guildies should be willing to learn as well as teach. By helping others we help ourselves and build the guild as a whole.

While small and somewhat important, it is a requirement to fill out the @handle field on the application as this is what we use to send out the formal Guild Invitation and to keep track of new guildies and important that it is provided. Your application will not be approved if we cannot send the guild invitation to the @handle provided.

LostWrath does make use of mumble hosted by one of your Gods. While it is not required to use these Mumble to be let into the guild, it is a requirement and necessity for Valindra’s Tower, Malabog’s Castle, Castle Never, PvP, Gauntlgrym and every other T2 dungeons not mentioned here.

While progress is a goal for LostWrath, it is not the ultimate goal. If you are looking for a hardcore 17K+ GS guild or access to Castle Never, LostWrath might not be the guild for you. If you R looking for a way to enjoy and improve your skills and develop as a player, LostWrath will and does welcome you with open arms!