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(Aug 14, 2017)
Let's get this party started!!
(May 03, 2017)
(Mar 24, 2016)
(Dec 03, 2015)
Chat is broken after patch
(Nov 24, 2015)
wait, mira's back?!
(Nov 13, 2015)
And mira is back too i see yay
(Nov 13, 2015)
I will be back this weekend!!!! Woot woot
(Aug 22, 2015)
Sorry to the guild party on the Valindra's Tower Quest. It seem the Shard might have went down. Doesn't explain my dismal performance but I have have spent to much time at the summer festival.
(Aug 05, 2015)
(Jul 23, 2015)
WARNING: aura oc courage on paladins is BUGGED currently.. it causes DAMAGE to the party instead of reflect damage!
(Jul 19, 2015)
Hi guys, im back. sry i havent been around, but iv had some rather nasty issues lately. i just want to let you all know im alive and i love everyone of you. you are and will always be my family
(Jul 15, 2015)
Great! Strongholds comes out on August 11th!!!
(Jul 14, 2015)
sorry i have not been on much the last 3 days... work adn yesterday i did a date day with lady.. i was on today and will be on tonight..
(Jul 04, 2015)
for all the americans in the guild I wish a happy and safe fourth of july. Its a time to celebrate our independance. So be safe and dont blow shit up drunk ok?
(Jul 03, 2015)
(You see talon looking inside a wondow of a rural rfarmlike area. Hes taking pictures of someone while they are playiong)...Oh yeah ... better make sure dragon does not see me stalking him..OOPS
(Jul 01, 2015)
(Jul 01, 2015)
I like pie....
(Jun 29, 2015)
(Jun 29, 2015)
One more long month till my new laptop and I'm back and can play ALL DAY foreverrr yay